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An emergency dentist will tell patients that there is no one size fits all solution that patients should adhere to until they can come in for an appointment. That being said, sometimes Jarius Wright Jersey , it is all about trial and error to see which of the solutions will take away some of the pain and at least make it manageable for you. If food is stuck somewhere between a tooth and the gums, brushing and flossing can help dislodge it and in some cases, some form of pain relief is almost instantaneously. This does not mean that there is no longer a problem. It may still be necessary to make an appointment at your dental facility. If this makes the situation worse, stop immediately and try another solution.

Over the Counter Medication

When a headache comes on unexpectedly or a person takes a fall Dontari Poe Jersey , over the counter pain medications are often used to take the edge of the pain. While this is not a solution to the real problem, it can help a patient wait it out until he or she comes into contact with the emergency dentist. It is important to read the label and makes sure that all directions are followed completely. If too much medication is ingested, there could be more serious complications.

Topical Anesthetic

Check the local drugstore for a topical anesthetic to put on the area. This is usually a gel that can be administered to the area either by hand or with a cotton swab. It may be necessary to continue reapplying the gel to the area over and over again to ensure that the pain is contained. Unfortunately, the tooth area and the gums are not the only thing that tends to feel numb. Often the side of the mouth will also experience the effects Torrey Smith Jersey , as well as the tongue. For some, this is just an inconvenience but for others, it is a real problem. It can be difficult to eat or drink anything while using the gel. Remember that this is not a solution. This is just a way to handle the pain until seeing an emergency dentist.

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