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Sampling is the most effective way of advertising at the point of sale Antworten

Promotional methods :
Using advertisements to introduce brand and product is one of the most important factors in the success of any business in the market and among competitors. There are many methods of advertising in the world that can be achieved using these methods to achieve goals such as profitability and more customer acquisition and stability among competitors. Every business needs advertising, but the breadth of each business's advertising depends on the type of work involved, the number of competitors, customers, customers age, customer gender, and the size and size of businesses, for example, a shopkeeper with a panel installation The store is advertised as a door-to-door display, which is enough for it, but a hypermarket, in addition to a headboard in the shop, installs a banner or a billboard design and installs it on pedestrian crossings, or a TV A city is in a crowded place, and sometimes the business goes beyond a shop and turns into a company or factory. This form of advertising is flexible to multiple locations throughout the city and the entire country.

Today, for large companies, advertising is not only considered as a cost but the saturation of the market, the increase in the number of competitors, the diversification of customers, attention to fashion and everything and everything, in order to promote advertising as a capital for any company that Wants to stay in the world of competition. Companies use managed advertising to provide their customers with the best possible tools and facilities by designing and developing new products , redesigning the distribution channel, delivering products and services of the highest quality and lowest prices to their customers. Give

One of these sampling marketing methods is considered to be the most effective advertising method at the point of sale.

What is sampling?
The word sampling in the term marketing and marketing is a promotional strategy that is generally applicable to a variety of purposes, including culture building for a new product, increased market share, recapture of lost customers, and more. In fact, the way it works is to give customers a clear view of a new product in the minds of the customer by providing a small sample to the customer, to get familiar with the features and benefits of the product. And they are the ultimate decision maker for the product they are looking for, and since they do so, they are not intermediates between the product, the company and the consumer.

Sampling General Method:
Sampled marketing is a fully-fledged and trained force, has strong communication skills, fancier, with a fashionable look, and with a complete mastery of the product and its competitive advantages, invite people who cross the area. To test the product as an example and then, when the customer is testing the product, in a nice and pleasant tone, speak the product advantages to customers, and with strong technology, they try to get the customer to buy the product and Sampleer's personality skillfully tries to capture the name and quality of the product in the client's memory for a long time. Some products that do not have the ability to test a prototype, such as audio and video equipment, digital appliances, home appliances, Sampler, provide a brochure and product catalog that promotes a customer, another name that promotes it.

Sampling Marketing Benefits:
Creating a real image in the minds of the customer and thus increasing sales

Due to the fact that the customer can touch or feel the product closely, it increases the value of the product to the customer.

Marketing suitable for introducing new products and attracting new customers

Regains lost customers

Provides the ability to enhance the product against competitors

The customer does not need to pay for product testing, and can easily test the product, and if the product is not tested, then the catalog product or full description is provided.

Immediate impact to encourage customer to buy

Due to the presence of the Sampler and the establishment of a desirable and uninterrupted relationship, it is possible to respond quickly to customer questions at the same time.

Systematic implementation of sampling :

Sampling marketing requires that you run a series of systematic processes to run properly and not fail:

Stage One: Awareness and Cognition:

At this stage, after determining the goal, we need to know the product, the market, and the facilities we need, and after these steps, we have to gather the human resources needed to work in this field.

Stage Two: Strategy and Planning:

This step involves training human resources, team building, locating the samplers, taking into account the research done, providing the required facilities, compiling reporting forms, and training personnel.

Step 3: Run:

To implement Sampling marketing, we need to coordinate and obtain relevant licenses from Sample sites, as well as appoint an inspector for each region and complete the reports.

Step Four: Evaluation:

The assessment step involves collecting reports and charting the performance of sampler teams as well as identifying weaknesses and strengths.

Step Five: Feedback:

In sampling marketing, the overall results are reported to the design unit unit and recording and recording of all sampling steps in order to be able to plan for future plans in the future and identify the weaknesses and strengths and show them better performance. Gave

Key points about Sampling Marketing:
Look at the product selection:

When you want to use Sampling Marketing, consider selecting competitive values ​​for your products and ask your Sampler team to choose the best and most effective sentences in the product introduction so that the customer really has the product and its satisfaction. Understand and understand the unit and buy it. If you encounter dissatisfied customers who have used the product before and discontented with Sampler's invitation, Sampler can use the correct product for his strong power of expression. Describes how a person can achieve the result and the product Must be positive.

Perform the implementation requirements correctly

Sampling is a type of marketing that, if not implemented correctly, can sometimes damage the brand and question the brand name, for example, it may sometimes be of a quality product that you can give the customer to taste or test, but consumables It is no longer quality like the dishes used, and it makes you feel good. For example, when you want to promote a product like coffee, coffee can taste very enjoyable and of good quality, but if you use a non-quality disposable cup Of course, the taste of coffee will be totally questioned and the ingredients that they smell and taste badly. As it should not be able to accommodate the customer.

Use of Branded Clothing and Professional Samplers:

Trained Sampler people should wear uniforms that are tailored to their brand identity and corporate color, in front of customers, and try to show them the sensitivity of choosing these people because they have a key role in attracting customers, so they must have all the skills Be sure to consider the language of the body, the type of talk, the tone of voice, the way you introduce the product, and everyone else, in order to impress on the client's minds, and sometimes the use of short but creative sentences can bring incredible results. . In choosing Sampler people, try to use experienced people and give them incentives and incentives to motivate them to use inexperienced people because in this marketing model, the role of the Sampler's individual in attracting customers and introducing brands And sales growth is absolutely vital.

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