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Fogingsam Offline

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15.04.2019 10:12
Division 2 Boosting is not a terrible game Antworten

Calling me a retard because I enjoy the division? You are a retard for not enjoying it lmao. I'm not only"accepting" anything, I would love for matches to be better, and I'm likely to pick up this one when the price lowers to what is acceptable for it. Yes I do from time to time, the game improved greatly over the time. You're not eloquent, and you're not a blunt object like a sledgehammer possibly, you are a vegetable which hates on all without legal points to back you up, that's why you are losing this argument even though I agree the game isn't the best. Sorry that you have to assume things as you're losing this argument and since we have different tastes, maintain hurling insults at me you little autist. As in, you're a dumbass.

Division 2 Boosting is not a terrible game like me knows this is not the game for me it is just someone. This is just a game promoted for a crowd of gamers and hardcore no lifers the formula is so generic and designed to be eye candy for more cash and less content. Why are their no vehicles like. That. Wouldn't the division 2 be greater if additional features like sneaking more for stealthy experiences and going prone. I mean frequent this is an apocalypse design game are their Bows and arrows?If that is truly an RPG then not one sword to carry?Doesent the hard core music get annoying when you just need to walk around and explore.this sport is just guns a blazing with no real substance to utilizing the environment to your advantage.

I agree with all the audienceit's plenty of eye candy but the endgame is the best aspect of this branch and always has been. The high level raids, etc. are always a blast with friends and are the key parts I and others I know enjoy, plus with this one they've seemed to up the content, even with making simple side quests longer and more distinctive. Vehicles would be intriguing, but the map would have to be around that would block that open for that plenty of other random items and vehicles. I've always wished to be able to go prone, and one of those pros does have a crossbow I believe which I would like to see fleshed out. Various melees instead of just the butt of a gun could be lovely, feedback in this way is exactly what game developers need, but many are becoming lazy? .

BrandonB13 Offline

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25.10.2019 12:08
#2 RE: Division 2 Boosting is not a terrible game Antworten

Among terrible games I would go for happy wheels game which is the real terribleness.

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