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19.04.2019 05:44
Comprehensive preparations of your gyratory crusher before starting Antworten

The leading shaft can be an extraordinary vital component of the gyratory crusher, it needs to have enough strength and rigidity to make certain a traditional operation in the crusher. The foregoing fracture accidents on the shaft told us which they typically arise from the upper Gewindefreistiche, the decreased aspect matching with the cone and also the interface of two distinct diameters. The factor that induced the fracture is due to the crushing of oversized ores for the discharge opening and also quick discharging.

The products’ granular property accounts a lot in crusher’s operation, model selection or the next manufacturing and processing and flow design and calculation. Elements influencing the granular property: materials’ property, fines content through feeding, the type of a crusher and procedure etc.

Similar granular property from the Construction Waste Crusher products, it is usually selected according for the grain size characteristic curves while in the instructions from the gyratory crusher. Therefore, for a better operation of the crusher, Henan Mining Machinery will describe the preparations for you before starting.

1.Examining carefully that whether each aspect is in good condition, each of the connectors are tight and obstacles exist during the conveying part.

2.Checking that whether there’s stone or iron ore inside the crushing chamber. The foreign substance like ores will have to be cleared away for making sure that the crusher get started in a non-load condition.

3.Checking the auxiliary equipments such since the feeder, belt conveyer, electric equipment plus the signal device that whether they are in good condition.

4.Examining that whether the size of your discharge opening complies along with the production process requirement.

5.Examining the oil level and oil temperature while in the tank, working with heating equipment to heat the oil up to 20 degree when the temperature is pretty low on account of cold winter.

6.Checking the lubrication equipment and also the interlocks’ condition in the oil pump motor along with the crusher motor.

After finished the foregoing inspection and making absolutely sure that everything is well-conditioned, then the crusher might be started via the beginning procedure.

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