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Calling himself a "grass-roots Antworten

Presumptive US presidential candidate Donald Trump has angered many voters with his divisive comments on immigrants and trade Adidas Superstar Foundation Core Nere Saldi , but has won a small group of unlikely supporters - Chinese Americans. Some young members of this community have rallied together to support Trump, arguing that he is the candidate that will be best for Sino-US relations.

Wang Tian, center, participates in a rally with other Donald Trump supporters. Photo: Courtesy of Wang Tian

Wang Tian, a Chinese American living Los Angeles, is busy preparing for his upcoming meeting with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Adidas Superstar 80s Metal Toe Oro Foil Saldi , reality TV show star and property tycoon Donald Trump.

Wang founded Chinese Americans for Trump (CAFT) last year, a group dedicated to supporting the candidate. Some of their members who wore "Chinese Americans love Trump" T-shirts to a Trump rally in Southern California last month have even been included in some of his campaign ads.

"Trump is moved by our efforts and agreed to meet us. It is such a big breakthrough!" Wang told the Global Times, adding that this will be the first time that Trump has met with representatives of a Chinese American group on the campaign trail.

Wang hopes that this support will mean reciprocal support if Trump gets into the White House.

"If we don't speak up now, he definitely will not take Chinese Americans into consideration when making future decisions," said Wang.

Wang Tian, right Donne Adidas Superstar 80s Core Nere Saldi , holds up an anti-Clinton banner. Photo: Courtesy of Wang Tian

WeChat movement

CAFT says it has nearly a thousand volunteers across the US, with new additions picking up pace after Cruz dropped out and Trump became the de facto nominee. Two weeks ago, the group held their third coordination meeting in a Chinese restaurant in LA.

All wearing T shirts emblazoned with their "Chinese Americans love Trump" slogan and badges describing their position in the group (chairman, first vice-chairman, first-class soldier, professional big fan Adidas Superstar 80s Pelle Nere Bianche Oro Saldi , ordinary fan), dozens of CAFT members excitedly discussed the Trump campaign.

They discussed topics ranging from setting long-term strategic goals to help Trump become Commander-in-chief, to the next steps in their expansion plan such as establishing chapters in more cities and getting their members to participate in campaign events.

While Wang also set "Chinese Americans meeting Trump within two months" as a goal at the meeting, as reported by sina, he did not expect that they would achieve it so soon.

"We hope that through the meeting, Trump will learn more about China. We hope when he makes decisions about China Adidas Superstar Nere Scarpe Saldi , when he becomes the US president, he will bring to mind, even for a second, that there are Chinese people supporting him too so he can go easy on the Chinese people," Wang told the Global Times Monday, explaining that he expects to meet Trump before the end of May.

How CAFT got to where it is today has a lot to do with WeChat Adidas Superstar 2 Nere Saldi , the main platform the group has used to mobilize potential Trump supporters in the Chinese American community.

The CAFT WeChat group which Wang established after Jeb Bush withdrew from the race looks the same as every other chat group, filled with emojis and digital red envelopes each containing a few cents. Most of its members are either Chinese Americans or Chinese citizens with US residency.

"Don't underestimate WeChat. It is the most effective tool for mobilizing Chinese Americans," said Wang, "Through WeChat, Chinese Americans that support Trump will man their posts."

On May 5, when a news piece was posted in the group describing how Hillary Clinton was asking Chinese Americans to pose for photos with her at a $2700-per-person fundraiser Adidas Superstar 2 Bianche Saldi , the team quickly arranged a protest, though Clinton left the scene before they arrived. Then Wang posted the story on his personal WeChat to protest and asked "all Chinese Americans with a conscience" to share the post.

Common political ideas
This is not Wang's first foray into politics. Under his "Tiantian" penname, Wang has organized protests over Chinese-American issues such as a segment on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV show in which a five-year-old said killing all Chinese people could get rid of US debt and in defense of Chinese American NYPD officer Peter Liang who was found guilty of manslaughter after shooting an unarmed black man.

Calling himself a "grass-roots activist," 32-year-old Wang told the Global Times that he supports Trump because he agrees with several of his policies, such as a crackdown on illegal immigration.

"He does not like illegal immigrants. I don't like them either. He said he loves Chinese people, so do I. He does not like Muslims coming to the US. … I cannot say I don't love them Adidas Superstar East River Rival Bianche Nere Saldi , but I agree that we'd better stop them from coming before we have proper methods guarding against terrorists," Wang told sina

Many other volunteers for CAFT, including Kimmy Liu, who immigrated to the US seven years ago, and Yu Tao, who has been an American citizen for 18 years Adidas Superstar 2 Bianche Nere Saldi , have found that Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric struck a chord with them.

In the past 20 years, Asian voters have generally favored the Democrats. Wang argued that this is because Chinese Americans are relatively poor and hope the Democratic Party will be more generous with welfare. "But it should not be Chinese Americans

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