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25.10.2016 09:19
or being shrunk down in size or whatever antworten

I considered having a starting bonus that would bump up your score, but it still didn’t address the issue of shortened play time. With this in mind, I decided a good course of action would be to have multiple paths through the game, Buy Runescape Gold with each level offering up multiple exits to different levels with greater or lesser difficulties. Initially I had the exits leading to the same level with the difficulty adjusted, but it felt like a bit of a cop out, so I made each exit lead to a totally new level. This worked great! It added a cool exploring element to the game, as well as allowing players to dictate to a certain degree what sort of a game they wanted to play, i.e. A relaxing easy game, or a hard game, or just their favorite levels and so on. It also tripled the number of levels I'd need to create, and tripled the amount of levels I'd need to make flow into one another. Time++;Another thing I was keen not to repeat was the constant pace of the levels. Bullet Candy's levels were all the same, just with different enemies. You never really needed to approach a level in a different manner to the last, so I wanted to have a really good variety of different levels that would make the player change strategy in order to do well. In Scoregasm, I've got a pretty cool range of different level styles in the main game, going from the traditional player in the middle of a large arena with enemies spawning from the sides survival style areas to very claustrophobic areas where your movement is more limited, horizontal and vertical scrolling sections, levels with puzzle elements, vortex levels that suck you into the centre, obstacle courses, boss areas and so on. Outside of the main game, I wanted to do more with this idea, RS Gold so each level also has a challenge mode. Some levels lent themselves pretty well to being riffed on and being made sufficiently different, such as the asteroid levels which have been made into endless high score mini-games, or levels which could be turned into a time trial, or being shrunk down in size or whatever.

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