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le on these basics, you can explore multipliers, personalized leagues, and the rest of what daily fantasy competition has to off Antworten

CHASKA, Minn. -- At first, I was going to write a column proposing 10 questions entering this weeks Ryder Cup.Then I thought about maybe turning it into 10 predictions instead.Like a golf fan with dual citizenship, I didnt know which way to lean.So I opted for both. Here are 10 questions AND predictions going into this weeks matches.1. Question: Lets start with an easy one: Who are the most important players for each team? Theres a reason why the U.S. team has adopted the slogan 12 Strong and not 1 Stronger than the Other 11. Everybodys points count the same this week. That said, there are a few guys who could spark some momentum a little bit more than their fellow teammates.Prediction: Hes no longer the best player on the U.S. team, and he might not play more than three matches, but if Phil Mickelson gets it going, his counterparts will feed off that. For the Europeans, its all about Rory McIlroy. Hes their compass; as Rory goes, so goes the team. Unless he completely stinks up the joint, expect five matches this week.2. Question: Related follow-up -- Who will be the best players for each team? Maybe these first two questions are the same thing, maybe there are some nuanced differences between them. Its my column; Ill opt for the latter.Prediction: Lets not overthink this on the U.S. side. Dustin Johnson has been the worlds best player this year and he was 3-0-0 the last time this event was held stateside. Easy call. And Id love to go contrarian for the Europeans, but McIlroy is fresh off a win, hes happy and -- uh-oh -- happy learned how to putt.3. Question: Which relative unknown will emerge as a breakout American star this week? Oh, I love the idea of breaking up the U.S. and Europe into two separate questions, so we could stretch this thing out to a total of 10. Thats some crafty column configuring right there.Prediction: There really arent any unknowns on the U.S. team. The two rookies -- Brooks Koepka and Ryan Moore -- have each played high-level golf on the PGA Tour for a while. That said, keep an eye on Moore, the last man in. Nothing tends to rattle him and hes been playing great golf lately.4. Question: Same question, for the Europeans. At least there are some options here. Darren Clarkes side comes in with six rookies, although thats never been the right term for them. Even though hes never played in a Ryder Cup before, its difficult to call Masters champion Danny Willett a rookie. These guys have all played big-event golf before, obviously.Prediction: Thomas Pieters seems like Nicolas Colsaerts 2.0 -- an improved version of the Belgian Bomber who posted nine birdies on Friday afternoon four years ago before running out of gas on the weekend. Expect him to win a few matches this week, possibly paired with a calming veteran influence. Honorable mention: Rafa Cabrera Bello.5. Question: Wait a minute -- why doesnt this thing start on Thursday instead of making us wait until Friday? Ive never understood this. As much as the Ryder Cup is about competition and country, its also all about the Benjamins. Starting on Thursday, even with just one session, would mean an extra day of television revenue, not to mention an extra day of stoking fan interest levels. As is, Thursday at the Ryder Cup is one of the most brutal days in golf. Lets get this thing moving already.Prediction: Itll happen. Someday.6. Question: Will the captains really make a difference this week? And if so, whos better? Ive finally seen the light. I used to compare Ryder Cup captains to first-base coaches: Basically, pat guys on the butt, point em in the right direction and hope you win. I changed my mind when Paul Azinger imparted strategic maneuvers to win in 2008, and my opinion was only reinforced two years ago, when Paul McGinley came prepared for every potential scenario.Prediction: Much like the matches themselves, captains often seem even until they start playing, then some weaknesses emerge. Davis Love III and Darren Clarke appear equally up to the task, though if you want to give a slight advantage, it might go to Love for having the experience from four years ago.7. Question: OK then, smart guy. Will the vice captains really make a difference? Just because I need to hit my word count in this piece, here are all the vice captains for each side: Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker, Tom Lehman and, yes, Bubba Watson for the U.S.; Padraig Harrington, Ian Poulter, Thomas Bjorn and Paul Lawrie for Europe.Prediction: Actually? Yeah, they will make a difference. Thats because each of these captains is using his assistants much like the president leans on his cabinet. Neither Love nor Clarke is ruling with an iron fist this week. In some ways, the American vice captains might even wield greater power, as Love seems inclined to listen to their decisions -- especially those of Tiger.8. Question: Which pre-tournament controversy will most affect the competition? Mickelson dredged up old memories by criticizing 2004 captain Hal Sutton for pairing him with Woods; he later apologized. Pete Willett, brother of Danny, wrote a column calling American fans a baying mob of imbeciles among other things; Danny later apologized on his behalf.Prediction: This is the kind of stuff that makes headlines when theres so much lead time before the event and no golf being played. Neither controversy should have much of an effect on the outcome, though dont be surprised if Willett -- apology or not -- hears more than his share of jeers from the home crowd, especially during afternoon matches when the gallery has, uh, partaken in the refreshments.9. Question: What will be the key stat this week? Conventional wisdom says putting wins these things. Conventional wisdom is also the kind of thing which we took for granted before analytics showed us what really mattered. Love and his vice captains have taken a deep dive into the numbers of the last few Ryder Cups and have spent the last few months crunching the numbers.Prediction: Sure, putting matters. Putting always matters. But keep a close eye on this one: Four years ago, the U.S. played the par-5 holes in a collective 52-28-94 and nearly -- maybe shouldve -- won. Two years ago, the team played these holes in 27-51-58 and got clobbered. On a long golf course (7,628 yards) with the traditional four par-5 layout, expect performance on these holes to be a great determining factor in the overall result.10. Question: Forget all that other stuff. Whos gonna win this thing? Youre excused if you skipped everything above and scrolled straight to here. This is what you want to know; this is what everyone wants to know. Can the U.S. team, after losing the past three Ryder Cups and six of the past seven, finally win again?Prediction: Playing on home soil, with a team ranked higher collectively and -- most importantly -- inspired by the spirit of Arnold Palmer, it feels like everything is set up for a U.S. victory. Ill put it this way: If they dont win this week, with all of those factors at play, it could be a long time before they do. But itll happen. After years of in-fighting, blame-deflecting and task-forcing, the U.S. will win this week ... finally. Wholesale Nike Shoes UK . Tuesdays surgery at Atlantas Piedmont Hospital was performed by Dr. Xavier Duralde and Hawks team physician Dr. Michael Bernot. Clearance Air Max 270 Shoes UK . The All-Pro lineman got the leg bent under him while trying to make a tackle during the first half of a 22-20 overtime loss at Miami on Thursday night. The medical staff initially thought hed torn the ligament, and the test a day later in Cincinnati confirmed it. . Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. Wholesale Air Max 270 UK .com) - Following a late-game loss to the reigning NBA champs, the Toronto Raptors will look to sustain their recent high-level play as they travel to Indiana to take on the Pacers. Cheap Air Max 270 UK Outlet . Tracey comes to the Blue Bombers after spending over a decade with Queens University. Most recently he was the schools assistant football coach. Thanks to emerging and existing DFS sites -- large and small -- you have the daily opportunity to build your own roster, compete directly against others doing the same, in a preferred league of selection, for a monetary investment of your own choosing.No fuss, long-term commitment or getting stuck with players you dont like. For those unfamiliar, heres a primer with tips to get you started.1. Become familiar with the basicsFirst, acquaint yourself with your preferred sites salary cap, roster size and scoring categories. Here are specifics from two of the big sites:DraftKings:Roster: Nine players including three wingers, two centers, two defensemen, one utility player (W/C/D) and one goaltender.Scoring categories for skaters: goal (3 points), assist (2), shot on goal (0.5), blocked shot (0.5), short-handed point bonus (1), shootout goal (0.2), and hat trick bonus (1.5).Scoring categories for goalies: win (3 points), save (0.2), goal against (-1), and shutout bonus (2). Netminders can also accrue points with goals and assists.You have a total of $50,000 to spend, with salaries ranging from the mid-$2,000s and up.FanDuel:Roster: Nine players including four wingers, two centers, two defensemen and one goaltender.Scoring categories for skaters: goal (12 points), assist (8), shot on goal (1.6), blocked shot (1.6), short-handed point bonus (2) and power-play point bonus (0.5).Scoring categories for goalies: win (12 points), save (0.8), goal against (-4) and shutout bonus (8). Netminders can also accrue points with goals and assists.You have $55,000 to spend, with salaries ranging from the mid-$2,000s and up.Once assembled, your team will compete against others in a contest of your choosing.2. Pick a potential purseAfter joining a DFS site, but before assembling your roster, theres the matter of settling on what contest suits you best. If you prefer facing long odds for a shot at a greater payout, Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) -- which involve challenging hundreds, if not thousands, of other fantasy squads -- is up your alley.Otherwise, cash games, such as 50/50 or head-to-head contests, are appealing alternatives, where your team must beat a smaller pool of competitors for a more meager payout. It all depends on how conservatively, or not, you care to play. Often, DFS managers will hedge their bets, so to speak, by entering two or more teams in a wide variety of competitions.With GPPs, an emphasis on selecting less-conventional assets often reaps the greatest reward. Outside of one or two consistently popular players, target higher-risk performers with the most upside, considering matchups, lineup changes, and other intangibles. In order to finish high in these events, your roster cannot resemble everyone elses.This isnt the case with cash games, where a more conservative approach often proves successful. Remember, you dont have to beat the whole world. Your fantasy squad must only better half, or two-thirds, of your competitive pool (or the one person against whom youre playing in a head-to-head matchup). If you believe Alex Ovechkin will shine bright that particular night, include him. You can bet the majority of your competition will do the same. Try to harness an edge with other smart bargain and mid-range salaried players otherwise.Once you have a handle on these basics, you can explore multipliers, personalized leagues, and the rest of what daily fantasy competition has to offer.3. Gauge available goaltendingIn a nutshell: goalies are important. A poor outing from your netminder can quickly spoil an otherwise strong showing from the rest of your roster. The ideal DFS goaltender is one whos likely to face a lot of shots, stop most (if not all) of them, and earn the win. Beyond that, you may want to tailor your selection to your choice of contest.When a star like Henrik Lundqvist is sporting a hot hand, hes an obvious high-priced asset, particularly in cash games, while GPP players may prefer to save roster dollars and roll the dice on a bit-time player or over-performing backup under the right circumstances. For instance, Devils rookie Scott Wedgewood handsomely rewarded some owners this past March during his bright, if limited, run. Never mind that he only suited up for four games.There are no hard rules here. Only that you shouldnt cheap out on your netminder for the sole sake of saving salary. The position is simply too important.4. Browse bargain optionsWhen sshopping for shoes, cars or electronics, theres nothing like striking an excellent bargain.dddddddddddd. The same applies to daily fantasy players. This is where a little research can pay out rich dividends. For instance, once David Perron moved on from a disappointing showing with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he saved some face by salvaging the remainder of 2015-16 with the Anaheim Ducks (including eight goals and 12 assists in 28 games). This was largely thanks to some primo ice time on a top forward line with Ryan Getzlaf.As you can imagine, Perrons fantasy salary was exceptionally affordable ahead of his trade out of Pittsburgh. So, along with the valuable points, youre benefiting from the extra wiggle room allotted under the cap to buy pricier stars, at least in the short term until the sites update his salary. Keeping in tune with such transactions and lineup adjustments will give you an edge over your competition.5. Harness the hot handThose who quickly bought in to Shayne Gostisbehere in the early stages of his first full NHL season with the Philadelphia Flyers were given cause to smile. After an already impressive start made in November, the young defenseman strung together a 15-game point streak through the end of January and most of February. As expected, it also took a while for the Gostisbeheres fantasy salary to catch up. Players will run unexpectedly hot for extended periods; monitor these streaks and act accordingly.6. Survey struggling starsTheres also the potential upside to investing in an star player whos had a rough time of late, and particularly doing so in GPPs. Not only is such a high-caliber skater capable of breaking out at any moment, but his fantasy salary is likely to have depreciated in the meanwhile. Think of the Philadelphia Flyers Claude Giroux during one of his short-lived cold snaps.7. Matchups matter (to a point)At the most basic level, you want to engage hot players from a strong offense who are up against an overall weak defense. While looking to the lines and over/under totals at sportsbooks is a good place to start, individual matchups can also be worth investigating.After relishing two dominant victories against the formidable Penguins in the latter half of 2014-15, Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask extended his winning streak this past season, allowing only three goals in three appearances (including a .972 save percentage). This isnt to suggest Rask will always overwhelm the Penguins (this is way too small of a sample), only that you might put off investing in a pricey star like Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin until another day.8. Ponder potent forward pairingsTheres the obvious two-player/one-goal advantage to stacking a productive forward pairing, especially, but not exclusively, in cash games. If the Stars Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are playing well together, and facing a weaker defense and goalie, stack away.But not all stacks have to be so pricey. Look for effective star/supporting cast duos or trios -- look to see who lines up next to John Tavares for the New York Islanders, now that Kyle Okposo is gone, for instance -- as well.9. Covet other categoriesLook beyond goals and assists. Veteran Francois Beauchemin led the league with 256 blocked shots in 2015-16; those add up to major points in DFS contests. He also managed to contribute to the score sheet with some regularity -- 34 points -- bolstering his value for owners. The lesson here is, dont overlook the lower-profile fantasy assets that dominate in non-scoring categories, especially when they come cheap.Your shot-happy skaters are also worth an extra long look over their more conservative counterparts, if all else appears relatively equal.10. Scrutinize social mediaTwitter serves as a valuable game-day resource for last-minute lineup changes, goalie start decisions and injury updates. Some coaches are wont to relentlessly shuffle lines more than others (looking at you here, Ken Hitchcock). With the ability to fiddle with your own roster until puck drop, its up to you to make informed adjustments, as necessary. Not every fantasy manager keeps such shrewd practice.So check in with your favorite DFS accounts -- for example, @ESPNFantasy or @VictoriaMatiash -- and put yourself in better position to beat the slackers.Good luck and have fun! ' ' '

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