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31.10.2016 07:09
when in 2011 the release will happen? antworten

They approached us after we put out an initial trailer for Rolando in Summer 2008, and they were great to work with: very smart guys with a real passion for games.They handled the marketing, PR, localization, and QA for Rolando. That allowed Runescape Gold us to really focus on creating the game. They were really supportive and provided a valuable sounding board for ideas. Moving to self-publishing has really made me appreciate their part of the partnership even more!More about Okabu:You're standing next to the President of Video Games.

What's your quick pitch about Okabu?There should so be a president of Video Games. He would sit upon the Famicom throne at Super Potato in Akihabara. I would describe Okabu as an action-puzzle adventure, a Cloud-whale quest with flying hero companions harnessing the power of nature to drive back the corruption and pollution of the industrialised Doza clan. There's a big emphasis on physics play and teamwork; each of the heroes has their own specific power, and you've got to use these powers together to solve the puzzles and defeat the devious machines. We want to create a world that is a pleasure to dive into, with a ton of stuff to interact with in every zone, in every nook and cranny. That's the pleasure of working with a physics-driven world; you can add so much rich interaction to all of the elements and creatures.I love playing games on the bed with my spouse. Is Okabu co-op local and/or online?Buy Runescape Gold We've got local co-op in Okabu. Calling people names in real life is so much more fun than over the Internet.Is there any estimate as to when in 2011 the release will happen?

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