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02.08.2019 12:07
There are several reasons your HP printer not printing Black Text Antworten

Resolving Issues When the Hp Printer not printing . The black ink won't print on our printer. We thought it was out of ink but replaced it and the black ink still won't print. It acts like its printing but it's almost like the black printing components aren't working. You can easily solve that issue just following giving instruction. Identify any defects with the black text on the page, the black ink cartridge is the problem. Resolve HP Printer not Printing Black Text Error now.
1. Turn on the printer and open lid cover to cartridge compartment. If you are using an HP Photo smart, wait for the cartridges to stop in the middle before removing them. Be careful not to touch the print head.

2. Next, lift the lever that locks the cartridge container. Remove the cartridge compartment.

3. Your ink cartridges might be okay and new but your print head might be full of gunk and dried inks.

4. To clean, you can run or dip the container under a warm water to dissolve dried inks.

5. Once cleaned, dry the container with clear tissue or paper.

6. Put it back into the printer and lock into place. Reinstall the ink cartridges and run test print..

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