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18.05.2018 09:19
MapleStory is lagging so bad antworten

I hate to say MS Mesos , since I wish it'd really work as a miracle to make a wish and make it go away immediately. But no matter what, bellyaching over the lag with this forum and demanding sudden shift and I mean appropriate f-ing NAO will do zilch to fix the matter. Begging won't help. I know.

Do what I do, in the event that you possibly can, and perform during less busy times. That's your only real hope to alleviate the lag issue from the high population. I am guessing this is one of the complete busiest nights/weekends in the background of Maplestory, since each one and their mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, friend, friend of friend, friend of friend of friend, pet, and lowly insect within 1,000 yards of all the aforementioned desires to check their 5th occupation ablities, take a crack at the brand new holiday content, and take advantage of the 2x EXP weekend on top of that ungodly mess.

You are gonna need to deal with some nearly intolerable lag if you play at this time, and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it regrettably. And at this time, nothing Nexon can do about it. They set up the events with this devastating funnel to everything new occurring all at one time. The floodgate is open. . .gonna need to let it run its program.

Worse, they plugged this in during the most popular yearly event of the sport, that's that the Maplemas content, where a lot more people are on holiday off school off work to get a good few weeks or more. That is my theory on why it's so very poor with overcrowding right now. I can only imagine how awful it'd be if they hadn't already taken extra measures to attempt to relieve some of the intense traffic they are getting at this time.Hope that your 5th project not influenced by Rightously Indignant? Alright, we will going to speak about all of this today, I am the editor of buy Maplestory Mesos pleased to see you guys again! Before, when hyper skills came outside, Bishops got the hyper skill "Vengence of Angel" better known in GMS as "Rightously Indignant".

For those of you who do not understand, it's a skill you can toggle on / off which greatly affects the skill Angel Ray.

As it was off, Angel Ray shoot forward and strikes a certain number of dinosaurs, 4 traces of harm, and as soon as it's on - Angel Ray hits with 8 lines of damage. In brief, when toggled on, you could not use any ability besides Teleport, and Angel Ray. Some time later, RED came along, and explorers changed marginally, including Angel Ray and it's functions.

Rightously Indignant currently makes Angel Ray hit ONE monster, and do double the lines. Seeing as a lot of bishops complaned about having to turn off it to buff, and then back on (and coping with a brief casting animation could be fatal in a battle), The skill was changed to allow the Bishops to use any enthusiast skill (The attacks are limited to AR and teleport for the day). Now, this is really the short edition. Angel Ray currently does 5 lines, and 10 if the ability is around, and it has other impacts on the player while it's off and on I didn't mention, but it is irrelevent in this particular discussion.

Now here is the important part; for a definite period, Bishops were able to use bishop buffs, but maybe not Beginner type skills (therfore unable to use Echo of hero, and link abilities like Terms and Conditions as well as Knight's Watch). After a number of months that has been fixed (by allowing bishops to use beginner skill. FUN FACT: Bishops because of this, can use Oz's Flame Gear even tho it's technically an energetic attack skill).

Now 5th job is here, and we did not get an attack ability, we obtained Benediction - a kickass buff. Benediction Is allowed in Rightously Indignant mode. Why can't we use Mana Overload, and Rope Lift if it is on?! I wrote all this to make a point - eventualy if it's not an attacking ability - it's supposed to be allowed in Rightously Indignant mode. It happens every time. Arguably the only 5th job skill which shouldn't be allowed is Erda Nova since it does damage, but I think even this will be let.

At last, all you abilities need MapleStory two Mesos to enhance and level up, which means that you may go here to purchase mesos and other useful items, maplestory2 mesos will be your best partner!

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