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21.06.2018 09:03
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The little-step approach I had been speaking about is, for example, set out best in the 3D visualization of the match. This year it has truly improved, using a more detailed engine with more animations and some eagerly-waited dynamicity, but how it improves with the years is definitely exciting. Consider the wording"rock stable". The 3D visualization won't get you hailing it as a miracle, but it's enough variety and lacks scripting or bugs which will annoy you out of it. This is something that you can achieve only with proper knowledge not just of your product, but also of that uses MLB 18 Stubs .

Going with a little more detail, the new thing that you will meet is the new interface. Now everything looks better, even if one could not think that last year's version could be that enhanced in only 1 year, especially thinking about the little-step approach I explained earlier.

The new UI is a pleasure to play/work with. There are many small things that are enjoyable, for example, the integration with the challenge manner (by the way, you may use your challenge style account also on Franchise Hockey Manager products). It is especially comfortable to possess just to hit your F1 key on just about any display to get moved to the OOTP manual. Especially the top part is a fantastic step forward, but there are just two things that I'm slightly disappointed with. To start with, I preferred the whitish background, a bright look is more favorable and much less tiring to my eyes particularly during longer sessions. The darker skin admittedly seems cool, but after twenty minutes or so that I wish I could get back to white.

The second issue is that you still must wait for some"loading" minutes when picking certain screens. It's not the end of the world, as you only have to wait a couple of seconds, but it's something that I was expecting to be ironed out this year. That being said, the UI is exceptional along with the two points I just expressed are criticism at a very high level.

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