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18.12.2016 04:19
This is the best I could do on short notice antworten

This is the best I could do on short notice. The NBA 2K16 image is a high-definition image taken with PS4's screen share option. One of the only things I didn't like about NBA 2K16 was the MyCareer structure. Spike Lee directed the cinematic portion of the experience and effectively took the gamer hostage in a mode that was always about making your own choices and carving a path. Thankfully, NBA 2K17 is taking the MyCareer mode back to its roots.NBA 2K17 MT Coins The new trailer for the mode released on Wednesday and it seems clear, there's a ton of decisions to make, but no lack of personality or big-name talent. Creed star Michael B. Jordan and others join the cast to make this the most star-studded ensemble for any MyCareer story to date. The main character in the story still has a static nickname, Cheap NBA 2K17 MT The President, which many fans probably won't like. However, when you consider all of the voice acting that takes place to create the stories in MyCareer, having multiple names would be quite the undertaking. In the trailer, the main character is a fellow whose last name is Acker, but it'll look different for everyone who plays the game. On September 8, the MyNBA2K mobile app is scheduled to release and that will give fans an opportunity to scan their faces into the Prelude (the pre-release MyCareer preview) and subsequently into the full game on September 16 or 23 (16th for pre-order customers). One complaint I've heard from fans over the past few years was the MyCareer journey forced the gamer to be African-American.NBA MT Coins This complaint had a ton of validity in NBA 2K16 where the lead character's entire family was black. The decision to use a white character in the trailer might have been made to show the MyCareer journey in NBA 2K17 is one that can be realistically had by a person of any race. The President is surrounded by a multi-cultured group in the trailer, thus the mode should be more inclusive this year. One thing has become all the more noticeable every time a form of MyCareer media is released; We're looking at the same create-a-player options from the past four or five versions of the game.

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