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During in-game huddles, coaches have new lines added. Per Bertz, there are more than 200 new clips, there's also an increased amount of player chatter during dead-balls and the RealVoice interviews have been expanded. There will be more than 300 new interviews with players and coaches.Cheap NBA 2K17 MT That's not all. The sound crew traveled to all 30 NBA arenas to capture the unique sounds of the shot-clock and game buzzers in each venue. They also captured the way the ball sounds bouncing off the wood or parquet in each building. There's 200 hours of recorded game sound. This is OCD-level stuff, but the attention to detail is admirable and appreciated. From a visual standpoint, I was happy to see more simplified and clean menus. The plain, Vanilla-Sky look made me feel a sense of hoops serenity. I've always wanted to say that. Buy NBA 2K17 MT The score and individual player stat overlays were more frequent without being intrusive. I wish I could say the same thing for the play-calling menus. Those still come up a little too large on the screen. If you're playing locally against someone it's a big distraction. Perhaps if it were in the lower left corner and smaller, it wouldn't obstruct your view. As I mentioned a little earlier, I did make a suggestion. It should come as no surprise, NBA 2K17 MT Coins but this potential enhancement would be especially cool in MyGM and MyLeague. This was partially birthed in a podcast I hosted with Brian Barnes aka Mr. Bygmz and Taylor Malone aka Mister 502. Here's the premise: In MyGM and MyLeague, you're playing through multiple seasons. Those of us who actually get through six or seven campaigns, you get to a point where almost none of the players in the league are the actual players in the current NBA.

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