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How Anti Constitutionalism Threatens American Liberty May 12 Michael Del Zotto Canucks Jersey , 2015 | Author: Earlene McGee | Posted in Politics
For more than two centuries now, the United States of America has been a nation with a founding document that enshrines liberty of a sort never before seen in history. The men who signed the Constitution had their differences, but the final governing charter they produced was a unique guarantor of individual liberty. Today, however, there is a rising anti constitutionalism in the country threatening to unravel that carefully balanced system.

These enemies of the Constitution have a powerful voice, largely due to their brilliant strategy of infiltrating powerful institutions. These institutions include the various forms of media, as well as colleges and the public schools. From those lofty perches, the opponents of limited government routinely preach against individual sovereignty. In fact, one can scarcely locate a school or television station where this ideology has not at least started to take root.

At its core, this movement’s philosophy represents a return to the past as it existed prior to our own Revolution. For most of mankind’s history, the rights of the people were deemed little more than gifts from whatever tyrannical regime happened to rule over them at the time. The American Founders, taking their cue from the philosophies of various contemporary free thinkers, held to a different belief.

That concept argued that man’s rights were his by nature of humanity, and were thus a gift from his Creator. As such, those liberties predate government and are thus something over which government must not have control. This concept values individual sovereignty by limiting those things that government can rightly affect.

That was the purpose of the Constitution, after all: to establish competing branches of government with separated powers, and then restrict those powers to certain limited areas of authority that would not conflict with individual sovereignty. Those rights were further strengthened by the passage of the first ten Amendments to that document.

Modern opponents of those restrictions on governmental authority, like the Progressives and various socialist groups, have a very different view of human liberty. This view is presented as a new concept, but is actually as old as humanity itself. From Babylon and The Roman Empire to modern tyrannies such as North Korea and the Soviet Union, there have always been authoritarians telling us that the collective interest trumps individual sovereignty.

Those who oppose strict constitutional governance today understand that the work of the Founders stands firmly in the path of their desire to control our common destiny. They have spent generations whittling away at the edges of the Constitution, expanding government’s reach, and reducing individual freedom. Today, they know that they are closer to their ultimate goal than at any time in history.

Americans today live in an age where their constitutional origins seem more removed than ever before. Centralized control is replacing personal freedom subtly, but steadily. If this trend continues, then the time is coming when the American citizens of our future will look with disgust upon this present generation and wonder with astonishment how we could ever be so easily tricked into surrendering the freedom that so many fought and died to secure.

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