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UNITED NATIONS Mike Bibby Kings Jersey , June 16 (Xinhua) -- A UN aid official on Friday expressed his disappointment at the European Union (EU)'s plans to seek an increase in military spending instead of in humanitarian aid.

At a conference on EU security and defense in Prague on June 9, EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker urged the bloc, whose member states are spending an average of 1.3 percent of GDP on defense, to lift its defense spending for its own sake.

"I would have hoped that he (Juncker) would have also issued in that statement an appeal to the members of the EU to increase their Official Development Assistance to the level of their stated responsibility of 0.7 percent (of their gross national product)," said John Ging, operation director for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Ging made the remarks during a news briefing at UN Headquarters on his mission last week to conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR).

"As anyone calls for an increase in funding the war machinery, they must, in my view, at least call for an increase in the funding for humanitarian assistance at least to the level that has been committed to by all of our member states in the framework of financing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals," Ging said.

"Otherwise, we are definitely not going to meet our target of leaving nobody behind in these two countries (DRC and CAR) alone by 2030," he said. "It has to be funded and for relatively limited amounts of money, we will see phenomenal impact, starting first and foremost with the saving of lives of the innocent victims in all of this and also giving them some dignity and protection from their current plight."

"But, if you can get to 1.3 percent as an average defense expenditure in the EU, surely we can get to the 0.7 percent on the humanitarian side before we start going up further on the spending on the military," the aid official said.

Ging also briefed on the the situation in the two countries he visited, saying crises there are "deteriorating."

"In case of the DRC numbers are quite staggering," Ging said, adding that in the country of 7.3 million people needs humanitarian assistance, with 5.9 million considered food insecure, including 1.9 million acutely malnourished children.

"It's a very volatile situation which is creating massive humanitarian need, principally arising from displacements," Ging said. "There are 3.7 million people internally displaced and that's reflecting the ongoing violence."

He added that 476,000 people have fled the DRC into neighboring countries. "Now refugees are depending on, again, international humanitarian assistance in those countries as well."

Landmark success of China's quantum experiment is far-reaching

First freight train from China's Changsha arrives to Budapest

London fire protesters storm city hall

Scenery of renovated Daijiahu lake park in China's Hubei

Students graduate from Civil Aviation University of China

Wetland scenery amongst morning mist along Wusuli River in NE China

Snow leopards seen in SW China's Sichuan

China successfully tests near-space flight of largest solar drone

Tinnitus is ear problem and it is the cause of buzzing, hissing and cracking. Some time ear the noise but that noise, which you heard, nobody can hear. This is the common symptom of tinnitus and it is called subjective tnnitus. Tinnitus is not a disease but it is symptom of your deafness. Tinnitus covers the 50 million people of America so you can well imagine that how common is this.

But don鈥檛 worry everything is possible in this widest world. Here are some home remedies for tinnitus.these tinnitus remedies surely help you.

Some people have taken minerals such as magnesium or zinc, herbal preparations such as 路Ginkgo biloba, homeopathic remedies, or B vitamins for their tinnitus and found them to be helpful.

路Bayberry bark, burdock root, goldenseal, hawthorn leaf and flower and myrrh gum purify the blood and counter act infection. 路For ringing in the ears, mix 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of glycerin in 1 pint of warm water. Use a nasal spray bottle to spray each nostril with the solution until it begins to drain into the back of the throat. Spray the throat with the mixture as well. Do this three times a day. 路Ginkgo biloba helps to reduce dizziness and improve hearing loss related to reduce blood flow to the ears.

IF you use these tricks then surely you will get previous position of your ear.

Eat healthy and become healthy. Foods are main fact for your disease because your unbalance food is cause of your all problem so a person who suffers this problem he should give attention on his foods or meal. Before you take any kind of medicines you should concern with an experts. From these ideas you can cure the tinnitus.

Growing up in Florida before the era of the Marlins and Tampa Devil Rays, today simply named the Tampa Rays, baseball was not a big influence on my early life. Pop Warner was not very extensive where I lived and there was no home team to root for. I had never been to the states or cities for that matter, that any of the major league teams called home. So, I just never really had much need for baseball.

It was not that I disliked the game or anything. It just was never there. As an eight year old I knew more about soccer than I did about baseball. I had a better idea of who Pele was than I did Babe Ruth.

By the time Florida got its first baseball team, the Florida Marlins, I thought baseball was simply boring and a waist of time. To me it was just boring and a real hassle to get through the crowds and deal with the drunk jerk sitting behind you. So, why go, why bother.

I felt this way about America's most beloved game until I was well into my thirties. . Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Shop Cheap Shirts Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Custom Soccer Jerseys Cheap Custom Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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