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Air Jordan 1 OG High Get More Styles antworten

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers,This year is the big year of Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High. In addition to the beautiful new color matching, OG's first year color matching has the theme of "Bred" and the elegant "Metallic Navy" come to us. The black toe, which will be re-enacted in November this year, is even more so that many Sneakerheads are overwhelmed. As one of the first color matching members in 1985, the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” perfectly inherited the design of the Bulls' color scheme. Jordan, who had just signed Nike, took a variety of promotional photos.Fragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG is a white, blue and black color that is popular among shoe fans. The body is covered in white, the toe is made of black, and the heel and upper are wrapped in royal blue. The classic lightning logo is highlighted. Its Fragment exclusive joint name is extraordinary. The shoes have been doubled in value once sold, coupled with Fujiwara's hot appeal, many star big names personal interpretation, the price is higher than the shoes are hard to find.

Air Jordan 1 OG High "Chicago" classic white red and black color scheme shows the traditional charm of the Chicago Bulls. In the 1986 playoff game against the Carls, Larry Bird will not talk again. Let Jordan get 49 points more than the previous game in the game. However, in the second contest, Jordan was wearing a sneaker in the Air Jordan 1 OG High "Chicago" color, and scored an amazing 63 points. After the game, Bird said helplessly: "Tonight is God is playing Jordan as he plays.Air Jordan 1 OG High "Bred" is a black and red shoe named after "Bred". It not only achieves the reverse popularity of the ban, but also opens up a classic legend of Air Jordan's exclusive color matching, even on the other side of the ocean. Sakuragi Jun of the article loves it. The Air Jordan 1 OG High “Bred”, which was re-enacted on September 3 this year, will return to the lychee leather in the name of banned wear. The classic color scheme, delicate leather, and the details of the first year make it the leader of all the shoes this year.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,In 1994, NIKE re-created Air Jordan for the first time. This is a black and red away color match. The whole pair of shoes is basically the same as 1985. It is very special that the 94 version of the shoe box is very special. It was recorded before Jordan 94 years ago. Through the 1-9 generation of sneakers and some advertising photos, the value of this pair of shoes is second only to the first year of the Air Jordan 1, the shoe box and sneakers and cards are the best in the collection of Jordan shoes. In 1994, NIKE re-made Jordan shoes, and there was no "Retro" on the shoe box, so they all used the title of commemorative version. Until 2001, JORDAN BRAND will release the re-made Jordan shoes on the shoe box. Mark the words "Retro", which is often referred to as the "reissue version".AJ1's technology is very common at the moment, and can even be said to be very rudimentary, but it was already avant-garde design in 1985, 31 years ago! The AF1 built-in air cushion was so popular at the time that Jordan was the first to him. The requirement for double-signature shoes is to retain the air cushion, while reducing the thickness of the midsole and increasing the sense of sticking, so the foot feels hard.When it comes to foot feel, a very important source is the technology used in soles, including midsole materials, outsole materials, cushioning technology. Among them, it is not allowed to be a shock in the midsole. . AJ1 is hard to wear and feel like moving bricks. Many people once doubted whether it has air cushion. In fact, AJ1 has a sole in the back.

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