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After it was revealed that some cinemas have installed night vision cameras inside the theaters to enable them to "spy" on patrons Avonte Maddox Jersey , questions were raised over whether this constitutes an invasion of privacy, although opinion on the legality differed.

Movie theater employees revealed that night vision cameras have been installed in screening rooms, which means that the audience can be clearly seen through monitors, despite the darkness during the movie. The public has expressed their shock online Isaac Seumalo Eagles Jersey , the Beijing Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.

Some netizens said they feel embarrassed because they know they behaved badly during movie screenings - bringing their own noisy or smelly food inside, like duck necks or sunflower seeds, or using the opportunity of the darkened room for intimate moments with their partners.

Others shrugged off the move, arguing that cinemas are public arenas. Others said that cinemas are obligated to inform customers when they might be unknowingly subject to surveillance.

An employee of a cinema from the UME chain Jordan Hicks Eagles Jersey , the UME Huaxing International Cinema, was quoted in the report as saying that night vision cameras are installed as standard in screening rooms, but they are usually pointed at certain areas like projection screens, so the staff can conveniently monitor if there are any problems with the film's projection.

The surveillance equipment is mostly to monitor for emergencies Nelson Agholor Eagles Jersey , the employee said.

One employee at another cinema, surnamed Zhou, said that only broader physical movements can be made out through night vision cameras, not facial expressions. No recordings from screening rooms can be released Mack Hollins Eagles Jersey , as these are only available to security staff and projectionists, Zhou said.

The monitoring equipment also helps in the fight against movie piracy, as the cameras can reveal illegal recording.

"Installing cameras in screening rooms is illegal if audiences are not informed in advance," Li Weimin Donnel Pumphrey Eagles Jersey , associate director of the rights and interests of consumers committee with the Beijing Lawyers Association, told the Global Times.

The businesses are breaching cinemagoers' "right to know" and personal rights, Li said, adding that cinemagoers could file a lawsuit.

But lawyer Han Xiao was quoted by the Beijing Youth Daily as saying that cinemas Rasul Douglas Eagles Jersey , as public areas, "are entitled to install cameras without informing the audiences."

Cinemagoers felt shocked by the personal intrusion because they still feel that a cinema is a relatively private site where they meet up with friends or lovers, Li noted.

Legally speaking, cinemas are public areas and cameras are allowed for administrative purposes Sidney Jones Eagles Jersey , such as hunting criminal suspects, Li said, but he argued that "it is unnecessary to install cameras in cinemas, which are not high-crime venues." There could be issues over safety of personal information if cameras are installed by businesses rather than administrative departments Derek Barnett Eagles Jersey , Li noted.

File photo taken on Feb. 15, 2016 shows migrant people reunion with their beloved at the border between Mexico and the United States in Anapra, Chihuahua state, Mexico. (XinhuaGuillermo Arias)

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- A good sleep can no longer help Victor Navares fully recover after a day's work as there might be a wall between home and work.

Navares drives two hours from the Mexican town of Ensenada across the border to work for a U.S. company.

"If (U.S.) President (Donald) Trump can build a border wall, there might be a day he bans all Mexicans from entering the U.S.," the Mexican designer told Xinhua.

The what-if haunts him in particular when he passes U.S. border control every weekday. He senses stricter screening and sometimes he has to wait for up to two hours.

"I've no idea whether President Trump's policy will make big changes to my life or not," he said.

Trump on Jan. 25 signed an executive order for a "physical barrier" to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border of nearly 3,200 km.

"Not every Mexican would commit crimes, it cannot solve any problem by erecting a wall. It is rather more important to help more people in need," Yami Ponce said.

The 17-year-old girl live in Mexico's border city of Tijuana and attends high school in San Diego in the United States. It is her dream to study law and provide legal help for immigrants.

"I just hope the border wall will not affect my studies and life," she said.

Vincent, a Walmart salesman in El Centro, California, said: "Nothing will change. There used to have those thin fences along the border, now they've replaced them with stronger metal fences. But people still come across the border to buy things or work. I do not think a wall will stop them."

Vincent, who only gave his first name, immigrated from Mexico years ago. He said most of the Mexicans working in El Centro, legally or not, do not really want to live in the United States. They just come to make more money in order to spend them back in Mexico.

"They only make 4 U.S. dollars a day over there, but here, they make a few times more than that. One day here equals one week there," he told Xinhua.

Vincent said the U.S. employers do want those Mexicans to stay since Americans would not do the work they are doing.

However, the U.S.-Mexico border wall is believed to be more like a symbol. Local businessmen said the "tax wall" Trump has threatened against Mexican products will matter more. The latter one can bring down the local economy, they said.

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