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It seems we are getting closer and closer to that sci-fi cartoon where the cars can drive themselves. The latest innovation in safety and driver aid is the Emergency Steer Assist system. You may be familiar with Brake Assist. Well Womens David Njoku Jersey , this is a system designed to work with emergency braking systems, or actually as a back-up. Any Audi dealer, Leesburg customer, or auto enthusiast will be impressed with this new technology.

With these systems, calculations are made as to how much brake is needed to avoid a collision and how much distance is required. If that cannot be achieved, enter Steering Assist. The system works by varying the torque directionally, nudging the driver toward the proper steering direction. If the car needs to swerve to the right the steering resistance increases in the opposite direction, making it very easy for the driver to turn the wheel in the direction needed.Rather than sending signals to the driver, which could get to be extremely overwhelming with all these emergency systems, the feedback goes directly to the system and is relayed to the driver via a haptic system, meaning it gives information to the muscles. The driver still has control over the steering but has a boost.

No, it doesn’t mean you have wires hooked up to your temples and biceps, but the gas pedal or the steering wheel can give pulses or provide resistance to guide your muscles as you carry out the necessary function. Your Chantilly VA used car dealer believes customers will appreciate seeing these systems on Audi cars in the future.

This system comes from Continental and because it is Android-based it can have different applications by different developers. The company continues to work on reducing driver distraction and one system on the board is text-dictation software – just one more way for drivers to communicate without taking their eyes off the road.Other exciting systems being tested include a tire sensor to measure temperature, pressure, temperature, load and g-force. The sensors can detect and heavy load and give an alert if more pressure is needed, which also saves fuel and increases safety.

Customers of any Audi dealer, Leesburg drivers, and auto enthusiasts will also appreciate that the system can sense wear on the tires and when summer or snow tires should be used. When you go to air up your tires the information will not only be shown on a car display, but can be transmitted to your iPod to alert you when to stop filling. The car also will honk when the correct pressure is reached. So much for keeping track of the tiny little pressure gauge!

You Chantilly VA used car dealer likes that an LCD interface is Continental’s solution to offering customized profiles to drivers through several different modes, including Eco, Comfort and Sport. With all the systems being linked, it only takes one push of a button or click of a dial to get feedback on the entire bunch.

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by Marzia De Giuli

VENICE, Italy, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- The traditional red carpet and opening night, followed by screening in 3D of the much-awaited thriller "Gravity", officially kicked off the 70th Venice International Film Festival on the Lido seafront on Wednesday.

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