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10.09.2018 10:33
to make up for the disastrous blunder Antworten

Taiwan singer-turned-actor Jay Chou has now become a producer with the new film 10 Dmitry Kulikov Jersey ,000 Miles.

The film, which has yet to receive a release date for the Chinese mainland, is directed by Hong Shengyang and stars Darren Wang and Megan Lai.

The story follows Wang's character as he tries to help Lai's character fulfill her dream of finishing a series of marathons.

At a press conference for the film on Saturday in Beijing, Chou told media that the film took three years to produce. He added that the story was inspired by co-producer Kevin Lin's experiences as a marathon runner.

The movie's three production companies, Mengxiang Qidong, Sun Entertainment Culture and iQiyi Pictures also unveiled that they have more joint projects in store following 10,000 Miles that will focus on providing positive works aimed at young people.

The Zadroga Lawsuit is filed by the 911 rescue team workers, who contracted life-threatening diseases as a result of inhaling many harmful chemicals at the attack site. These innocent victims had to pay a price for their brave and heroic deed, and fell prey to the utter carelessness and miscalculation of the authorities who sent them on the attack site.

And now, to make up for the disastrous blunder committed, the government of the United States of America has issued the James Zadroga Act, in January 2011. This act offers monetary compensation and medical care to all those who are suffering from the after effects of the 911 attack, for no fault of theirs. This not only includes all the police officers, fire-fighters, volunteers, paramedic staff etc, trying to rescue their fellow citizens from the attack site, but also the residents, students and office employees of the World Trade Centre area. However, while the government claims to have made enough provisions to compensate for all, to get the actual compensation amount, the victim has to file a Zadroga Lawsuit, with the help of a capable Zadroga Lawyer and prove that he rightfully deserves the compensation in the court of law.

While filing a Zadroga Lawsuit is simple, finding the perfect Zadroga Lawyer and convincing the court of law to give the judgment in the favor of the victim, is the tricky part.

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