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Shiftlet to marry the young Lucynelle, the woman’s only prized possession. Mr. Shiftlet agrees to this arrangement and they arrive at the courthouse to find married. The old lady to allow him seventeen dollars, so he’ll take his innocent Lucynelle to a motel for their honeymoon.

The two married couple drive off into the afternoon. They continue, driving into the night, where they stop at a diner for any bite to eat. The young Lucynelle, tired, falls asleep at the counter. The boy doing work the counter says, “she seems like an angle of Gawd. ” In response, Mr. Shiftlet responds, “hitchhiker, ” and provides boy money for foodstuff when she wakes in place. Mr. Shiftlet leaves, abandoning the mute Lucynelle in the midst of nowhere.

Divine Providence of O’Connor’s story takes root as Mr. Shiftlet drives off into the night, toward Mobile, Alabama. Along the way he see signs reading, “Drive Carefully. The Life You May Save May be Your Own. ” When driving along, he picks up a hitchhiker, a boy-another symbol who tells Mr. Schiftlet to, “go to the devil! ” The boy jumps out of the car. The story ends as a turnip cloud passes him therefore begins to rain.

The Life You may Save May Be Your Own is located off of Matthew 5: forty-five which states, “That ye is a children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to go up on the evil and relating to the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on that unjust. “

Literary analysis from this satire is stunning. There is symbol after symbol: there’s the heart Mr. Schiftlet talks about in the beginning of the story in relation to the turnip cloud afterwards of the piece, this descriptive color of Lucynelle, making her the symbol with the Virgin Mary, and of the colors in the newly painted car ought to be carefully examined. All of this symbolism paints another story-a truth with the human condition and free will in relation to the divine order in the world.

Reading O’Connor in a Pseudo-modern Age

Reading O’Connor at the foot of the twenty-first century not only takes us into the history of the deep south, at a time when black people were fighting for equal protection in the law, but her stories force us to take care of the ugly truths together with flaws of ourselves. This demonstration can’t are more apparent than in her story, Everything That Rises Must Converge.

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