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15.09.2018 09:28
I know you are a good person Antworten

Good evening everyone.

For those who do not know me Jonathan Allen Redskins Jersey , I am _____ (name), the groom锟絪 brother. It is a real honor to be standing here today as the best man to our newlyweds, _____ and ______. Thank you both.

When _____ (groom) told me I锟絣l be his best man, I thought it was nothing. I mean like, it was expected since I am the only brother, right? But later I realized that it was indeed a privilege to be chosen as one because amongst the many friends my brother has, he has chosen me, so thank you _____ (groom) for giving me this pleasure.

As I began to think about _____锟絪 (groom) childhood, all I can remember are the memories when he was always there for me 锟?when he backed me up whenever someone bullies me at school, he锟絛 receive the punches himself in behalf of me. I am sorry for those punches man, but I loved you for doing those handsome performances for me, and am so much proud to have been your brother. That is why, in exchange, I promised myself to support my brother in anything he chooses to do锟絘s I know he only does a thing with great thinking ahead. _____ (groom), may you stay the same as a focused individual, responsible, loyal, loving, and caring to your wife and to your future family.

_____ (bride), I know you are a good person because you made my brother a better man than he used to be. That is why I am so much grateful that he decided to marry a loving and caring girl like you. With that, I am deeply honored to welcome you into the family.

A piece of advice though, in every disagreement, _____ (groom) remember that your wife is always the boss, so just say 锟給k honey锟? and things will be fine. (pause for a laugh) Seriously though, no matter how awful and how deep the arguments or misunderstandings that the two of you will get into, talk it out and deal with it as mature individuals, as I know you both will do. Take care of each other and love and respect one another.

By the way, before I forget, let me acknowledge the bridesmaids and the maid of honor for making our bride even lovelier today. Everyone one of you looks absolutely stunning! And of course, how could we forget to thank the people who made this whole event come into reality? A big applause to you all, especially

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