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NEW DELHI Taven Bryan Jaguars Jersey , Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State RexTillerson arrived in the Indian capital late Tuesday night for hismaiden official visit to this country.

Tillerson is slated to call on Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi and also meet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj duringhis three-day stay.

His visit is part of a five-nation tour that also includes SaudiArabia, Qatar, Pakistan and Switzerland.

Tillerson arrived in Delhi from Pakistan where he received afrosty welcome after he recently accused Islamabad of providing"safe havens" to Taliban militants.

Addressing the Center for Strategic and International Studies inWashington, he had said the U.S. expected Islamabad to take"decisive action" against terrorist groups operating in Pakistan.Enditem

KAVRE, Nepal, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Connectivity of China with South Asia under the Belt and Road Initiative can only make a better Asia, experts said here on Tuesday.

Addressing a two-day seminar entitled International Conference on South Asia - China connectivity for Regional Economic Social Development, which was organized by Kathmandu School of Law (KSL), experts stressed on finding the common grounds and visions for partnership between South Asian nations and China.

"South Asia is geographically connected but psychologically divided. All the South Asian countries including India should move ahead together with China to realize the dream of creating the Asian Century," Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula, head of the KSL said in the inaugural ceremony.

Sangroula, also a former attorney general of Nepal, said China needs to understand South Asia better, and vice versa for which Nepal can play a role of vibrant bridge.

The China- proposed Belt and Road Initiative has created new hopes in the whole region, an academician from Bangladesh, Zakir Hossain, said in his speech.

"It is not just about connectivity of roads or seas but connectivity of economies which can improve the lives of people of the whole region," said Hossain, the former dean of Bangladesh's Chittagong University.

Muhammad Amir Rana, director at Pakistan's Pak Institute of Peace Studies, said South Asian nations should learn how China transformed its economy.

"China's success story can lead other nations to reform or modernize the economy. We should follow their vision of change to achieve socio-economic development," Rana said.

On the occasion, Prof. Chen Xiaochen of China's Renmin University said the Belt and Road Initiative is all about common development through international cooperation.

"Cooperation is the major need today which can fill the gap of development in the world."

Nearly 40 students and professors representing universities of China and South Asian countries are attending the seminar.

To some it means upgrading China's ubiquitous hole-in-the-wall noodle shops, to others it is manufacturing high-tech toilet seats.

"Supply-side reform" is the buzz phrase at China's annual parliament in Beijing, picking up on an expression introduced by President Xi Jinping in speeches late last year. Analysts say it refers to the scaling back of the role of government in business to allow market forces greater room to flourish, such as through the restructuring of state-owned companies.

But its exact meaning has been left vague, giving room for the thousands of delegates at parliament to come up with their own interpretations, raising the risk of wasteful spending by provincial governments and underlining the difficult task Beijing has in clearly communicating its policies to local governments across the country.

"I think that's always been an issue in China. It's such a big country with so many layers of government - it's a challenge to push the message forward to a local level and make sure implementation is done properly," said Julian Evans-Pritchard, China economist at Capital Economics in Singapore.

So-called supply-side reform in the impoverished province of Gansu in northwestern China means officials are pushing hole-in-the-wall vendors of the province's famous Lanzhou beef noodles to invest more in interior design and "connect to the internet" so they can charge more, the official news agency Xinhua reported last week.

The noodle shops can become "like KFC and other western fast foods," Xinhua said.

Many officials at soporific delegate meetings said one version of supply-side reform should be getting Chinese manufacturers to reproduce the popular high-tech toilets that Chinese consumers are snapping up in Japan.

Yet others say it as a license for companies to go on an overseas acquisition spree.

"What is supply-side reform? Currently the global economy is struggling, lots of European brands are struggling, why don't we buy them?" Yang Haiyang, an economics professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said at an alumni event in the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing in January.

"If Chinese people buy these brands, they turn into Chinese brands. Chanel, LV, Adidas, Nike - let's buy them all."

Similarly, Lei Jun, chief executive of Xiaomi, China's second-biggest smartphone vendor, told reporters on the sidelines of the opening of China's parliament last Saturday that supply-side reform meant getting Chinese companies to make products that can compete with imported goods.

Others have interpreted the term - which originated from an English phrase pioneered by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan to refer to deregulation and tax cuts - as approval for price controls.

Li Li, the head of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Jiangxi province, said controlling how quickly medical fees rise was a classic example of "supply-side reform."

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