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TEHRAN, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Iranians will celebrate on Tuesday the Chaharshanbeh Suri, or the fire festival, bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year.

The turn of the new year, according to the Iranian calendar, falls on March 21 which also marks the beginning of the spring in the country.

At dusk on Tuesday, Iranians will celebrate outdoors the fire festival by jumping over bonfires and lighting firecrackers in public places, a custom which has its roots in the country's ancient history.

As people jump over the bonfires, they will be singing anthems for the fire under their feet, enjoying the warmth and beauty of the flames.

The hymns serve the purpose of driving out last year's misfortunes and impurities and a preparation for the coming new year's resolutions.

Chaharshanbeh Suri is celebrated by all Iranians on the eve of the last Wednesday before the new year.

In the coldest regions of the country and following the fire festival, people gather in their elders' houses to eat Chaharshanbe Suri Ajil, or a mixture of raw nuts, raisins, figs and berries.

In the past, young wore disguises and went knocking door to door to receive Chaharshanbe Suri Ajil, however this custom is fading away in modern Iran.

Tragically though, during the celebrations, hundreds of people are killed or injured annually due to malfunctioning firecrackers or carelessness users.

On Saturday, Press TV reported that at least seven people were killed in Iran's northwestern Ardabil province as a result of homemade fireworks which exploded.

The explosion was a result of a teenager's carelessness as he manufactured handmade fireworks inside the residential building.

Some materials used for the production of firecrackers were found beneath the rubble during the Iranian festival of fire, Ardabil's chief prosecutor, Nasser Atabati, said.

The teenager died along with six other family members, Atabati said, adding that four other individuals were injured, one critically.

Furthermore, media reported more individuals from different cities in Iran were injured in the past few days.


A security guard from a shopping mall in Xi’an Nathan Shepherd Jets Jersey , capital of Shaanxi Province, lost his life trying to catch a woman who committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of an apartment.

The 43-year-old guard, Li Guowu, and the woman both died in the incident which occurred at around 8:42am on December 10.

As a security video shows, Li tried to catch the falling woman but failed. He was knocked to the ground with tremendous force.

The city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau affirmed it was a duty-related death after an investigation. Li’s family members will receive a one-time subsidy of over 700,000 yuan (US$105,918). Li’s six-year-old daughter is eligible for pension until adulthood.

Relatives of the woman said they would try their best to compensate Li’s family.

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