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Cheng Wei, CEO of Didi Antworten

MADRID Jake Butt Broncos Jersey , June 4 (Xinhua) -- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoyon Sunday sent a message of support for the victims of theterrorist attack in the area of London Bridge, which claimed atleast seven lives on Saturday night.

Rajoy, who had been in the United Kingdom at the time of theattack, watching Real Madrid's 4-1 win over Juventus in theChampions league final in Cardiff, posted a tweet in the earlyhours of the morning, expressing "worry" about the attack.

"It is very sad news and we send out support and solidarity tothe authorities and to the British people," said Rajoy.

He added in a second tweet expressing his "rejection andenergetic condemnation of the attack in London."

"I am sad for the deaths and send my wishes for the injured torecover."

Meanwhile, Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Chad Kelly Broncos Jersey , Alfonso Dastis,expressed his "sadness for the new tragedy at London Bridge andBorough Market. We are at the side of the victims and theirfamilies," he said.

Around 102,000 Spaniards are registered as residents in the UK,with the majority of them living in London, according to figuresfrom Spanish National Institute of Statistics published in 2016.Enditem

The 4th World Internet Conference (WIC) concluded Tuesday in the town of Wuzhen in East China after three days of discussion and exhibitions of cutting-edge internet products. The rapid expansion of the internet in China has become the spotlight of the IT industry domestically and globally, especially in terms of livestream platforms, sharing economy Brendan Langley Broncos Jersey , and drones.

“Innovation from China must have been the greatest change in the past five years,” said Zhang Lei, founder of Hillhouse Capital Group. “The world’s innovation comes from China.”

“Two months ago, I ordered an Uber in Las Vegas and the driver asked me where to go,” said Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile. “The driver was excited when I mentioned was our program. She said she used it to help provide for her three kids as a single mom.” is the largest third-party mobile livestream platform in the US, with 75 percent of its users overseas. Fu Sheng added, “We will make the best Chinese mobile internet products available in the US.”

Senior vice-president of EBay Carlos Henderson Broncos Jersey , RJ Pittman said, “China possesses various kinds of world-leading products. For example, my favorite product, Dajiang, has become an exceptional drone company around the globe, which nevertheless, was started by college students.”

“Lots of initiatives head out from China to America at a remarkable speed,” said Christ O’Neill Demarcus Walker Broncos Jersey , CEO of Evernote. “Didi is another good example.”

Allen Blue, the founder of LinkedIn, also expressed his impressiveness over Chinese technology companies. “They manage to standardize initiatives within a short period. For example, bike sharing successfully entered 200 cities nationwide within a year and half, along with the online and offline O2O business model and emphasis on technological innovation,” adding that this deserves global appreciation.

Cheng Wei, CEO of Didi Chuxing, spoke about predictable changes in the future of the industry. “More people will share cabs and spare seats in a car will soon vanish.” In the longer term Garett Bolles Broncos Jersey , he assumes that cars will eventually fly to solve traffic problems.

“Logistics services in China have handled over 100 million parcels every day since May this year,” said Rookie Network President Wan Lin. “Twenty million delivery men are need for the 1-billion-parcels-goal. The only solution is to digitalize and integrate all logistical data for further optimization and arrangement.”

According to occupational social data, a large volume of AI talents in the US have returned to China, which will impose influence upon China’s economic and intellectual advantages.

“According to Metcalfe’s Law, a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users. China’s enormous population could create an advantageous opportunity,” Fu Sheng said, promising a positive AI future in China.(Agencies)

by Ye Zaiqi and Wu Xiaoling

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- A meeting hall solemnly decked with white flowers and black ribbons in downtown San Francisco Courtland Sutton Broncos Jersey , was adorned with sombre black-and-white pictures of World War II victims.

In a ceremony held here, a 20-minute preview of a documentary depicting horrifying footage of killings, raping and looting by Japanese troops brought audience back to the gruesome days of manslaughter in Nanjing in southern China 8 decades ago.

Still yet to be completed, the two-hour documentary produced by independent American scholar, Adam Jonas Horowitz, was specially presented at this Sunday's ceremony, where hundreds of people from Chinese, Korean and Philippine communities in San Francisco Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey , a major multi-ethnic city on the west coast of the United States, gathered to commemorate the 300,000 Chinese people brutally killed in a horrible massacre by Japanese invaders decades ago.

The appalling footage of Chinese men and women, including grey-haired villagers and infants, shot or bayoneted to death, and young women raped recklessly by invading Japanese troops, was filmed by Western journalists during the massacre in Nanjing, a city in southeast China Justin Simmons Black Jersey , in World War II.

"The films about the war crime by the Japanese forces were strictly banned and covered up by Japanese wartime authorities at the time, but some of them were smuggled out by Western journalists or missionaries who risked their lives to expose the Japanese atrocities, which made it possible for us today to seek the truth of history," Horowitz told Xinhua.

Horowitz said he has spent many years studying the history of Japan's aggression in Asia, particularly the Nanjing Massacre, which prompted him to produce the documentary as a reminder for people, especially the younger generations, that. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Online Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Hoodie Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale College Jerseys From China

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