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What are emoticons?

In their most basic form Maglia Leonardo Spinazzola , emoticons are a pictorial representation of some familiar facial expression signifying some combination of alphabetical characters andor punctuation. Its basic purpose is author mood expression. Emoticons are easy to insert at any desired location within a text to signal the reader of its author’s intended tone.

The term ??oemoticon??? finds is a lexis derivative of two words commonly used within the English language: ??oemotion??? and ??oicon.??? Quite fittingly, the combination of terminologies equates to exactly what these textual enhancements intend to convey. In fact, emoticons can mean the difference between disastrous miscommunication and mutual appreciation of message substance.

Emoticons more essential in electronic media

Emoticons are now standard features within virtually all virtual communications formats. E-mail, online chat, website forums, mobile communications devices, and online games invariably include some level of emoticon display capability by users. While often regarded as superfluous luxury and needless ??odecoration,??? emoticons are in fact indispensable for all manner of modern-day communications.

Technology has enabled instantaneous communications and conceptual conveyances unimaginable a mere generation ago. Ironically, however, high-tech innovations have also been somewhat of a barrier to effective communiqu??. Although eloquent and comprehensible to most, the written word has many limitations as an effective communications tool. Its major drawback as an exclusive means of expression is the loss of many peripheral features of human communication that we take for granted. Voice intonation, facial countenance, body language, and overall demeanor are notably absent from printed content. Emoticons fill this void by providing universally recognized emblematical editorial clarification of alphabetical communications.

History of emoticons

Emoticons came into popular vogue within the world of publishing during the 1800s. Formats that employed informal writing styles such as humor and entertainment were the main forums for emoticons displays.

Rather than graphical representations of actual human faces, the first emoticons were expressed via the substitution of numerical values for alphabetical or punctuation characters. In mid-1857, for instance, the phrase ??olove and kisses??? was abbreviated as the number 73 within Morse code messages. In 1908, the official interpretation of 73 was amended to ??obest regards.??? The number 88 then became the standard shorthand for ??olove and kisses.??? Due to space and cost considerations, Morse code term abbreviations were relatively concise when compared to contemporary emoticons like ??oLOL.???

Typo or new emoticon type?

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