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?It?s the thought that counts?! How many times have you heard that over the years? When it comes to gift giving it is absolutely true ? especially if it is a man who is to receive the gift. The days of socks and ties as gifts are numbered and there are a myriad of great ideas out there to excite and astound the receiver.

The choice is virtually endless but what counts is the thought that goes behind the gift. For an example Austin Corbett Jersey , is he adventurous? If the answer is yes then there is a world of choice waiting for you.

How about day excursions to experience hang gliding? For as little as $140 he can take a tandem flight with an instructor at 2,000 feet! Longer sessions are available where he can learn to fly on his own.

Perhaps he would prefer micro-light flying? These tiny aircraft take the student and teacher over a wider area than the hang gliding and the pilot is in more control over destination. In either case, the thrill of being airborne is absolutely exhilarating.

If he likes driving there are many options - perhaps an advanced driving course to hone his skills even further? Or maybe a day of driving tanks with the army?

These courses are becoming exceptionally popular. This is like a play date for adults! He is taught to drive the tank and then given co-ordinates and a mission to follow. When he completes the task the game is over.

Whale watching is also gaining in popularity. Many cruises offer day or week-end trips to follow Orca or gray whales on their annual migratory routes. This is a great choice for the conservation minded and what a thrill to see these huge animals up close and personal.

Diving is always a popular choice with courses being offered even in places not near the ocean. Swimming pools are used to teach all the necessary skills before the pupil embarks on a ?real? dive with the instructor close at hand. This truly is a gift that will keep on giving since diving can be undertaken literally anywhere in the world. Some people have become so enamored of this hobby that they go on to become diving instructors. What better way to experience a new destination than to swim below its waters to view the sea life. Perhaps this gift could be an ?add-on? to an already planned vacation.

But maybe the man in question would rather have something more down to earth?

Gift baskets have become very popular with many being targeted at the men in your life. Many offer exotic foods while others have dark and dreamy chocolate delights. Some have a gift within a gift. The executive desk caddy filled with gourmet delights for an example. The idea is that after the food is gone the recipient still has a gift to treasure. These gift baskets have endless varieties and it truly depends on what that man likes.

Another idea Denzel Ward Jersey , although not exactly politically correct, is the cigar chest. A variety of superb cigars fill this ?treasure chest? along with other accoutrements for the dedicated smoker.

Anything is possible in this range. The beer bucket offers ice-cold packs of top of the range beers along with the ubiquitous snacks to compliment the brews. Samuel Adams Summer Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Baker Mayfield Jersey , Magic Hat ,9# Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale Cheap Cleveland Browns Jerseys , and Harpoon Munich Dark are just some of the brews on offer so if he is a beer aficionado then this is for him!

Should you wish to personalize a basket to a greater extent, why not fill a basket with goodies yourself? A spa day voucher for the man who wants to be pampered is a popular choice along with some exotic massage oils, a massage ?how to? book Duke Johnson Jr Browns Jersey , some scented candles etc., and the scene is set for a truly blissful time. Many men these days take great care of their skin and a facial, manicure and pedicure Nate Orchard Browns Jersey , along with a wet, cut-throat shave will make him feel special.

Of course, electronic gadgetry will always be acceptable as a gift. The latest MP3 player or new games console will go down well but what about a second phone or laptop? A survey showed that a majority of business men own two sets of equipment to save on carrying this paraphernalia around. All necessary files etc. are transferred by electronic mail or carried on flash disk. This is a great way to free up his time for more pleasurable pursuits.

Perhaps this is where the ?it?s the thought that counts? comes in. Take time to observe him and listen to his needs. After all Antonio Callaway Browns Jersey , it is no good giving a hang-gliding course to someone who is terrified of heights! Or, indeed, the gift of a chocolate basket to someone struggling to lose weight would seem rather heartless!

Make sure the gift is age appropriate also. Although we know that men are boys at heart it would be unwise to give a game console to a very serious business man who would have no time for this. He may be better off with golf lessons where he can pursue business leads as well as get much needed exercise.

One gift that this writer gave many years ago was a trio of tickets to a Rolling Stones concert. The receiver was so thrilled about the gift ? they were rather hard to come by and he was a huge fan ? that he insisted I join him and his friend for the concert. Now I wasn?t a fan of this band at all so it really was a selfless gift Chad Thomas Browns Jersey , but the memories of that night are still with us some thirty years on and he still tells everyone about it!

Whatever the gift, and for whatever occasion, just be sure to give it some thought. Better to be remembered for some small Duke Johnson Jr Jersey , thoughtful gift than for a grand gesture that could go terribly wrong.

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