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If you are worried because you are suffering from lower back pain , rest assured, you are not by yourself. There are many Americans and other people all over the world who deals with back pain regularly. There are a number of ways one can eliminate or even cure their back pain. One way is by taking pain medication, or OTC drugs, like advil, or goody powders. Although, this will only create a mask and will not cure the pain, if you stop taking the medicine , the pain will come back. The best way is a more natural way, and that involves eating healthy and exercising regularly. The best way in helping to cure back pain is by staying active and exercising daily. Since the pain medicines only provide a mask for the pain, you would have to take this medicine every day to find relief. This will hurt vital organs in the long run and the more you use your back, the worst the pain will get. If you really want to find the cure to your pain you need to start by exercising.

There are many exercises you can do at home to eliminate back pain, you do not need to join a gym to exercise. Before exercising take precautions to help in stopping the cause of your pain. Back pain is mainly caused by poor posture, and by sitting for long periods of time. It’s best to stand and stretch when you have been sitting for longer than an hour. To help in correcting poor posture, you should invest in a lumbar support pillow. These pillows are sold in almost all the pharmacies.

To start to see relief from home , do these exercises daily. The first exercise is an ankle pump. How you do this is by laying down on your back and point the toes straight out in front of you and then bring them back towards you. What you will feel is a stretch in the lower back. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes daily. This will help you to loosen the muscles in the lower back and that will cure some of the pain.

The next common exercise is called the leg raise. While remaining in the same position, bend one of your legs. Then lift the leg that is straight up off the floor until you feel the pulling in your lower back. Keep your leg up in the air for roughly 15 seconds, then switch legs. Do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes and rotate from leg to leg. It’s best to do this exercise with the ankle pump.

Once you have done these two exercises for roughly ten to fifteen minutes, roll over onto your stomach to do the next exercise, which is called a press up. Once you’re in the position on your stomach, put your hands with the elbows out under your shoulders, as if you were going to do push ups. Proceed to do a push up , but keep the lower back and legs on the floor to allow your back to arch. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then relax. Do this over and over for again 5 to 10 minutes daily, and you will start to see some relief in the pain in your back. More great ways to exercise your back is by jogging, running or walking.

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You don?t have to go out and buy a new coat. Instead, update the one(s) you have with the many fun, fashionable and affordable cold weather accessories of the season. From head to hands, textured, patterned and chunky knits dominate. Fingerless gloves (sounds like an oxymoron , but read on!) will be even more popular with the evergrowing ?texting? crowd. Floppy brimmed caps and wool knit cloches will top heads as the weather gets cold. While the biggest wardrobe addition of all will be the wide choice of novel and interesting scarves.


Not surprisingly, with so much body heat loss coming from your head, hats are for more than just fashionistas. From sensible to stylish, hats make a statement about you, whether you put one on for one reason or the other, or both. Look for a silhouette that, most importantly , is comfortable to wear. The fit should feel right, and the fabric should be non irritating against your skin so it can be worn for long periods of time. And finally, your hat should work with the look and color of your coat or outfit.

The big shape this year is the floppy beret with or without a brim in cables and other chunky knits and crochet stitches. Details will include pompoms, fabric flower and fur (let?s support the ?faux? version) adornments.

The last, but not least, trendy touch is color. Look for hats in a big selection of great hues that coordinate with all the colored suede boots?in addition to proverbial black, choose from rich tones of plum , teal, deep red and mustard yellow.

Be adventurous. This is not a big financial investment, and, as my niece so wisely put it, ? there?s nothing wrong with going a little bit out of your comfort zone.?


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