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The Passenger Lift is an elevator designed for transporting passengers, requiring a complete safety facility and a certain interior decoration. Is a motor-driven vertical lift, with box-like pod, for multi-storey building by people. A fixed lift device that serves a floor. It has a car, running between at least two vertical columns of rigid rails. The car size and structure make it easy for passengers to access or load the goods. It is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical traffic in a building, regardless of the way it is driven.

Passenger elevator classification:

Sort by drive

AC elevator: AC induction motor as a driving force of the elevator. According to the drag method can be divided into exchange single speed, AC two-speed, AC voltage regulator, AC variable frequency frequency control and so on.

DC elevator: a DC motor as a driving force of the elevator. The rated speed of such elevators is generally above 2.00 m / s. Hydraulic elevator: the general use of electric pump to drive liquid flow, the plunger to lift the car lift the elevator.

A rack that grinds a rail into a rack, a car that engages a gear that engages the rack, and an electric motor that drives the elevator to lift the elevator.

Screw lift: the straight top of the elevator plunger into a rectangular thread, and then with a thrust bearing the big nut installed in the cylinder top, and then through the motor by the reducer (or belt) to drive the nut rotation, so that the screw up An elevator that ascends or descends the car.

A linear motor-driven elevator whose power source is a linear motor. The advent of the elevator, had steam engine, internal combustion engine as a direct drive to the elevator, is now basically disappeared. Motor by the reducer

Sort by Elevator China speed

There is no strict speed classification of the elevator, and China is customarily classified according to the following method.

Low speed ladder: often refers to less than 1.00m / s speed of the elevator.

Medium speed ladder: often refers to the speed of 1.00 ~ 2.00m / s elevator.

High speed ladder: often refers to the speed of more than 7m / s elevator.

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