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extensive amount of time. There are numerous day-to-day tasks to stay on top of Cheap Jaret Anderson-Dolan Jersey , just to keep the company running smoothly. Virtual assistants are designed to take the load off of you. They help carry out all of your administrative tasks so you can focus on the aspects of your company that matter most. However, not just anyone will work well as an assistant. You need someone who meets certain qualifications to ensure the work he or she produces will meet your expectations. Over the next two weeks we will share 10 characteristics to look out for, here are 5 for you to mull over this week.

1. Reliability

This involves precision and consistency with regards to the tasks being handed to the assistant. Since the employee is physically absent, they should be someone who can be left alone or work with minimum supervision but can still generate desired results. He or she can prove to be reliable by simply being able to show up online promptly and meet deadlines.

2. Accountability

Any employee who is ready to own mistakes and fix them is definitely an asset to your company. It is unfortunate that mistakes occur but what’s imperative is an employee’s ability to admit fault, face consequences and take necessary corrective actions. An assistant admitting his or her lapses is the first step to solving the problem. Furthermore, being able to face consequences ensures that future mistakes will be avoided. And of course, a personal assistant who admits an error can better detect the cause of the problem and consequently solve it at a much faster rate.

3. Punctuality

Being prompt tells a lot about your virtual assistant. It tells you how organized and how in control they are. The simple fact that he or she is able to get online on the time that both of you agreed on, means he or she can be counted on. Most importantly, it tells you how much that individual values your company.

4. Confidence

As a business owner Cheap Mike Cammalleri Jersey , you are aware that attitude is as important as aptitude. With that in mind, you would want an online assistant who has self-confidence. This relates not only to how confident he or she is about their skills but also about how he or she presents themselves to you and your customers. An employee with confidence will certainly help your company present a positive image to your clients.

5. Optimism

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