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th going to Rio.espnW: Did you get a chance to meet, or watch anyone compete, that you hadnt had the opportunity to before?Bouch Antworten

Its the calm before the storm.The Evolution Championship Series is the pinnacle of fighting game tournaments and the next stop on the Capcom Pro Tour. So far, theres been five premier events and plenty of footage to examine. The contenders of each tournament share similar play styles and it would be wise to brush up on what makes up a winner.Final roundThe first taste of premier event action was in Atlanta, Georgia, at Final Round. There, the audience received their first extended look at elite play and how contenders were separated from pretenders. One match between Brentt Brenttiscool Franks and YouDeal Majestic Athletics Tatsuya Haitani Haitani showcased what was necessary to take down a large tournament. Both players jockeyed for position and momentum throughout the set, but the key difference between Haitani and Brenttiscool was activity. Haitani took advantage of Brenttiscools passivity when he was on defense and controlled the space with a combination of his dash, jab pressure and the threat of an activation.NorCal regionalsNorCal Regionals in Sacramento, California, provided some early answers to the question: Can the USA hang with Asia?The losers final between Evil Geniuses Justin Wong and Japans Hajime Tokido Taniguchi was an impressive match that set the bar for what was necessary to advance to the final match of a tournament. Wong absolutely played his style and comfortably held his own in the neutral game: controlling the pace and the footsie game. Wong would go up 2-0 in the set, but two crucial misses in the third game changed the flow of the series.Tokido never wandered too far from his meter usage (critical arts on any hit confirm), corner defense and escape options; he simply couldnt be conditioned. That was the X factor. In a match dominated by Wong, Tokido never lost composure.Stunfest and DreamHack summerIn Europe, both Stunfest and Dreamhack Summer produced two champions that played a similar frenetic style and a refusal to be bullied. Evil Geniuses Yusuke Momochi Momochi and BX3s Arman Phenom Hanjani pulled off incredible victories in very comparable ways. For Momochi, he took down Razers Ai Fuudo Keita with a series that could only be titled hard reads. Momochis wake-up options steered the momentum despite Fuudos dominance over the neutral game. The burst damage potential of Ken, with the aid of Momochis fearlessness, crushed Fuudos chances to take down a premier event. It also helps to have Momochis ability to hit-confirm from any button into a critical art or a combo extension.In similar style, Phenom surprised everyone by dismantling Fuudo in both the winners bracket and grand finals. The commentators counted more than 11 successful reversal uppercuts during block strings or wake-up. But the most important factor to Phenoms success was his ability to push forward despite a momentum loss. In a fearless style akin to Momochi, he took Fuudos best mix-ups and neutral game dominance, but never backed down. While Phenoms victory was not as soul-crushing as Momochis at Stunfest, both delivered the message to the masses that you need to play stubborn to stand a chance.Community Effort Orlando 2016CEO brought the best example of what a premier event winner needed to do. The audience saw that even pool stages were not exempt from ridiculous matchups. In the top 32, Haitani took on Shinya Nuki Onuki in a nail-biter of a set. These were two of the five Japanese fighting game gods. Haitani, despite staring death in the eyes, continued to reversal uppercut on wake-up, block strings, or through any opening Nuki provided.Tokido finally took down his rival, Razers Lee Infiltration Seon-woo and won a premier event. Tokido and Infiltration could be two of the best examples of what it takes to win a tournament on the Capcom Pro Tour. Smooth movement and defense, constant reactions, clutch moments, meter usage and management, and the refusal to be bullied.On one hand, Infiltrations mind games separate him from many others. During the set, he would end many rounds with an overhead. He would back dash on wake-up, punishment or not, or go for the same option for pressure until the opponent absolutely stuffed it. Then theres Tokido, the player that steamrolls without the need for a big-time play. Unlike those mentioned above, Tokido hardly throws any risky uppercuts or plays off too many hard reads. What he does do well is dominate the ground game and understand risk and reward.You need every factor mentioned here to stand a chance: a superior ground game, the refusal to be conditioned, hard reads, and activity on activity. From the first premier event until the most recent, every champion share many, if not all these traits. Air Jordan 6 Cheap Canada . At a Manhattan federal court hearing, attorney Jordan Siev said his law office has gotten more evidence nearly every day to support its lawsuit accusing MLB and Selig of going on a "witch hunt" to ruin Rodriguezs reputation and career. He said the defendants went "way over the line. Cheap Air Jordan 6 Canada . -- The proud fathers huddled near the Dallas Stars dressing room, smiling, laughing and telling stories while wearing replica green sweaters of their sons team. . After Mondays hard-fought loss, the wait seemed longer than usual. Getting set to go their separate ways for a short Christmas break, the Raptors coach credited his team for their effort on a seemingly impossible three-game road trip, urging them to build on that success when they get back to work at the end of the week. Air Jordan 6 Canada . -- Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar will be out for roughly four weeks after tearing his left hamstring. Cheap Air Jordan 6 Canada Sale . There was no hesitation from the 40th-ranked Pospisil, from Vernon, B.C., who admitted that he cut back on his training sessions over the last few days to conserve energy as the long ATP season finishes next week at the Paris Masters. After stunning the tennis world with an impressive 2014 season that included a spot in the Wimbledon final and berths in the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open, Eugenie Bouchard has become one of the most recognizable faces on the WTA Tour. And while she has struggled to achieve the same levels of success in the two seasons since, she remains one of the most popular and talented players in the sport.Currently enjoying her all-too-brief offseason, we caught up with the 22-year-old Canadian recently at an event for Colgate Enamel Health in New York. With thoughts on everything from the Rio Olympics to upcoming vacation plans to her much-talked-about Halloween costume, Bouchard did not hold back.espnW: How is your offseason going so far?Eugenie Bouchard: Its going well! Its been two weeks, so far, that Im off completely. And by completely, I mean: I dont go to a gym, I dont look at a gym, I dont think about a gym. Its really important to me to just get a couple of weeks off, and not only physically, but mentally as well. Its a mental, refreshing break. Its about three weeks in total -- Ill get back to training next week. And once in awhile, Ill go on a run or join my friend or sister to a yoga class, but its for fun, and its not something I have to do.espnW: You must look forward to that all year.Bouchard: I do! Its like what we think about, especially as the year ends. I start to think How many more tournaments? Were all counting them down.espnW: Have you gone, or are you going on any vacations during your time off?Bouchard: Im planning on going to the Bahamas for a quick weekend getaway. I just want to have that feeling of being on vacation. Obviously, I got to spend some time with my family in Montreal and spent a week in New York City doing a bunch of meetings, appearances, cool events, things like that, but theres nothing quite like lying on the beach all day, having a margarita.espnW: When you do return to working out, what do your offseason workouts entail?Bouchard: Right at the beginning of the preseason training, Ill do mostly fitness for the first week or two. Nowadays fitness is so important to us tennis players, and we just spend so much more time in the gym than the old guys used to back in the day.Its actually kind of fun to be working out and getting stronger when you dont quite have the repetitiveness of practicing so much. Ill start with that and do a couple hours of fitness a day, and the offseason is a cool time to experiment and try different things, so I like to sometimes switch it up and do a hike up a mountain or a pool workout. Its important for your mind to mix it up.espnW: Is there any specific music you like to listen to for motivation during a workout?Bouchard: During a workout, I really like hip-hop or house or something that just gets you going, because it does motivate you, and it does make a difference. When youre lifting weights that you never imagined you could lift, its because youre motivated and you have that adrenaline pumping. So if music can help just 1 percent with that, why not? I say just blast it! Im such a fan of Drake. Any of his upbeat songs work for me.espnW: What was the highlight of 2016 for you?Bouchard: The highlight would have to be going to the Olympics. It was so cool to have this this feeling of representing something bigger than yourself and representing your country. It was also great to have teammates -- thats not something were used to in tennis. There was such a sense of pride.The moment thats coming to mind is walking in during the opening ceremony. Knowing youre on TV and waving and knowing -- literally feeling -- your whole country watching and supporting you, it was such a surreal and amazing moment. It was definitely worth going to Rio.espnW: Did you get a chance to meet, or watch anyone compete, that you hadnt had the opportunity to before?Bouchard: I really tried to make an effort to go see some events. It was pretty hectic with tennis all day, and the venues are all far apart, but one night I was able to watch gymnastics. I was watching the qualifying rounds. I didnt get to see the Americans, who I really wanted to see, but I did get to see some of our Canadian girls. It was basically the whole Canadian team there cheering them on. When I think of the Olympics, I think of womens gymnastics. To me, thats what it is. Just to see it in person was amazing.espnW: Did it live up to what you had hoped it would be?Bouchard: Yes, definitely. What really stood out to me is that they compete at the same time on all their different exercises, and one crowd can start cheering for the girl on the beam, but the girl on the floor is still going! Its the craziest thing. We think we have to focus! They get their one shot every four years, and someone could just start screaming in the middle of their vault.I didnt know it all went on at the same time like that, and maybe just watching on TV I just didnt realize it so much, but in person its insane. Without even realizing it, thats someones Olympics right there, all of five seconds. I just have so much respect for what these girls do.espnW: Did you get to go to any other events while you were there?Bouchard: I also went to swimming. I got to see Michael Phelps in a semifinal heat. Whats crazy about swimming is that there are so many races because they are so short. We were there for an hour or two and saw something like 10 races. But to see Phelps in person, and see his routine where he stretches his arms all around, and being in the presence of such a legend, was really cool. I also saw some final races as well, and just to witness the joy of swimmers who won medals and knowing their lives had totally changed in that instant was amazing.ddddddddddddspnW: Speaking of celebrities, I have to ask about this. You went as Kim Kardashian for Halloween, how did that come to be?Bouchard: You should totally ask me about it! Its crazy because that idea just popped in my head, and I cant explain my brain and its mechanics. Obviously I just remembered that picture and thought it would be hilarious to not only impersonate her, but specifically in that moment, and I had my friend do it with me.The point of it was obviously to exaggerate it, so Im talking hand towels stuffed in these little nude, Spanx-type of shorts, and literally stuffed some of my Nike socks in my little bra thing, and then my friend painted the cardboard black, and we took tape, and that was it! It was actually a pretty simple costume. All of my friends were texting me saying it was hilarious and stuff. Its funny, I really dont know how I thought about it. It was such an iconic moment, so I thought we should recreate it.espnW: Did you go out in public wearing that outfit? Bouchard: Yeah, we definitely walked around and hung out with our friends a bit! It was easily the most popular costume and the most unique. Thats the thing for me -- I love Halloween, and I usually do two costumes a year. We start texting about it and planning for in August. Its all about not doing something other people have done or have been doing for years. Even last year, I was with my best friend and my cousin and we created and made our costumes of sexy Mario Cart characters. I was sexy Bowser, so instead of a big shell on my back, I had a shell bra on. I take Halloween very seriously and take pride in being unique.espnW: Did you hear from any of the Kardashians about the costume? Bouchard: No! No one has heard from Kim right now! But I would love to meet any of the Kardashians. Someday, right?espnW: Are you surprised when something like that gets so much attention, or is it more par for the course for you now? Bouchard: Im always surprised. For me, its not something you get used to. I still feel like a normal person, and I still see myself as a typical 22-year-old, and to me, thats just dressing up and showing my friends what Im wearing. And then suddenly there are hundreds of articles talking about it! I have to remember sometimes, I cant just post anything on social media. Its always a surprise, and its always funny too when my coach will hear about something, and hes not even on social media. Hell hear about something on the news, and Ill always just joke with him, Dont follow me on Snapchat, please!espnW: Has there ever been something you posted and then youve regretted it? Bouchard: No! I do pay attention to that stuff, so I know what not to post.espnW: Obviously thats probably a tricky part of being a celebrity. Is there an upside? Bouchard: There is. The most amazing part to me is being able to inspire a kid. Whenever a kid or a parent tells me Im someones role model, I take it as such an honor. Im like, Why? Pick someone better than me! [Laughing] But its really just so cool to be that person for someone. And it lets me do such amazing things, like visit hospitals and go to kids camps and helping get kids involved in sports. I love being able to inspire and give people hope.espnW: Whats the biggest downside of fame for you? Bouchard: I think its the negativity thats out there. These days, theres a lot of it out there, and not just toward me, but toward a lot of people. No one is perfect, first of all, and I think its just a bit unfair about all the criticism I and fellow athletes can get sometimes. Were trying our best, and the hate just seems so illogi

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